Résidence Secondaire

Photography by Sara Essex Bradley

Part mirage, part miracle – this masterful modern evocation is in the best Louisiana vernacular tradition.  It was conceived by architect Kevin Gossen (Gossen Architects Lafayette, Louisiana) for an unusual piece of property in Metairie whose cheated landscape gives the illusion of open country spaces.  He has created a “cottage” that already looks as if it might be a survivor from a couple of centuries ago.


Using reclaimed building materials, magnificent beams, beautiful old flooring with classically scaled rooms, it was a perfect project for Decorations Lucullus.


Both architect and interior designers admit the real magic rested with the client whose highly developed aesthetic and extensive experience in design gave the process amazing vitality.


Conceived as a “résidence secondaire” to be near grandchildren, she wanted something more snug than her large primary house out of town but without sacrificing the qualities of charm or elegance.


While the project is still evolving, she can’t repress a smile when some passer-by stops to chat over the rose-heavy iron fence, perhaps peering into the gracious side hall, asking how this old house has managed to survive all the changes in the neighborhood.