Why Decorate?


The team at Decorations Lucullus ponders that question often. Who knows what answers would have come to the mind of the first humans who painted cave walls thirty thousand years ago or the great “modernist” Antoni Gaudi or any contemporary loft dweller in the middle of a thriving American city.


The instinct to decorate is probably as various and particular as the personalities that undertake it. Ultimately it is a desire to create a space of personal comfort both physical and psychic.  It is driven by a desire to delight, to dazzle perhaps even to deceive; to be daring or just discrete. We decorate to evoke the familiar or exotic, to escape or feel at home, to be sensible or silly or simply to be pragmatic.


Decorations Lucullus aims at offering design and decorating consultations that provide professional attention to practical details without dampening the playfulness of the process.

Whether your aesthetic is for the ancestral or the edgy or somewhere in between interior designer Nathan Drewes, antiques dealer and writer Patrick Dunne, and stylist Kerry Moody embrace the challenge of interpreting your vision.


We will work with you to insure your furniture, textiles, lighting, rugs, art, accessories are woven into a comfortable interior that reflects your taste.


While many of our projects have involved reinterpreting historic properties we have also worked with new construction and renovations, including a number of restaurants.

Located in New Orleans we have been privileged to have been involved in projects throughout the South.


The design team is dedicated to all stages of the decorating process including working with architects, contractors and landscape architects during each essential stage.  This is the foundation of every project, so it is necessary to ensure that the many details of architectural site plans and building plans are integrated and make the best sense for you and the project for the ultimate results.